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Career Horizons helped Millie identify what was important to her

Career Horizons helped Millie identify what was important to her

Career counselling is more than careers advice or guidance, it’s about providing you with opportunities which develop and enhance your self understanding, stimulate your personal growth and increase your motivation.

In four 90 minute sessions*, either in the comfort of your own home or at Career Horizons premises, you will be guided through a structured process which will enable you to:

  • Explore passions, interests, and strengths
  • Identify individual skills and abilities
  • Consider the beliefs you have about yourself and how they shape your world
  • Examine personal and work-related values
  • Recognise and utilise your resources
  • Make decisions which reflect your needs, preferences and core values
  • Assess both the blocks and bridges that will enable you to realise the vision you have for a future career
  • Create structured action plans targeted toward achieving a desired goal or career pathway

* An initial 15 minute telephone consultation before the sessions will enable you to decide if the career counselling service is for you.

The total cost for the four 90 minute sessions is a competitive £295.00

The career counselling service is offered for clients convenience either during day-time hours, evenings or weekend.

The sessions will be followed by a four to six week review of progress telephone call. Other required support is just a call away.


To make any enquiry or to book your career counselling sessions you can contact Richard directly on 07786325437

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